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There's a long history to baby transport, since the first one created in 18th century, it has evolved to what we have today. Today there are many types of baby transport, the most common ones are baby carriages, strollers, infant car seats. 


Travel system is a recent invention, and has since gain popularity, as it comes with a detachable baby seat on the stroller, which can be snap into seat or base of a automobile and transforms into a car seat. 


Choosing & Buying Stroller

As babies spend a long time in their growing years in a stroller, understanding, choosing and buying a suitable stroller for the babies as well as the parents, are very important. 


Apart from safety, comfort and design, lifestyle-fitting, easy to operate, and budget should also be considered before a decision is made.


For parents, this is be the no. 1 priority and consideration for choosing a baby stroller. Established stroller producer normally provides the safety features that incorpoated into a stroller, backed by lab test result as well as certification. This might not be the case for smaller stroller manufacturer and parents shall understand and demand these details before making purchase decision. 


Another important aspect is the correct operation of the stroller by parents, adhering to the manufacturer's recommendation and specification. 

The Right Stroller Type

1st time parents shall aware infant shall not be placed in umbrella stroller, as almost all of them unable to recline will not provide sufficient support for infant to sit up right, which they will struggle to do so at this stage of growing up. 

Also the inability to attached a car seat to umbrella stroller is another factor to consider, and with all-in-one travel system readily available these days, which comprises of infant car seat, and a stroller, it will be a better and more suitable choice for parents and their infant, one that can last longer period of time without the need to change stroller

Walk And Run

Some parents live an active lifestyle, and they might be looking for an  all-terrain and jogging stroller. There are plenty of good choices today, however it's important to note these stroller types are not suitable for infants below a year old, simply because infant lacks self-support on the back as well as head and neck. 

Test All Features

Modern strollers have many features in general, to serve the many needs and purposes from the parents and baby. Hence it's very important for parents to read the manual and try out all the features, before purchase and taking out the child for a ride. This will ensure familiarity with the operation of the stroller, and minimizing any potental risks of injuring especially to the infant. To the parents, constant practice will means a stroller that support their needs and not creating additional headache or burden in operating one.

Most mall or office operators do not recommend taking stroller up the escalator, and parents should not do so, unless absolutely necessary. The same shall go for stairs. Parents should always operate stroller up the escalator or stair only in presence of minimum 2 adults. In such situation, it's highly recommended to collapse or fold up the stroller, and carry the infant / baby as oppose to pushing / lifting the stroller with infant inside.  

Stairs and Escalators

Moving and Stopping

Parents shall always ensure the stroller is in good working condition before placing infant. This includes the wheels which should be tightly attached and all sits on even floor surface. Alignment is another check, means all wheels shall be moving in the same direction, effortlessly. 


Always lock the brake when stroller in stationary, especially on a moving automobile, or when on reclining surface, at times when parents' hands off the stroller.

Operation In One Hand

One hand operation is a priority for parents considering a stroller, as it's often requires when taking out infant for a ride. One hand operation shall covers the folding, unfolding, pushing, braking, loading / unloading from vehicle. A light weight stroller will definitely helps in this situation requiring one hand operation.

Lifestyle Stroller

Practicality and suitability are very important factors as far as choosing the right stroller is concerned. With so many brands and types of stroller available in the market today, parents are advised to understood their needs, which includes lifestyles, stage of infant / baby, safety, as well as budget (total cost), before making a purchase. With careful consideration and selection, parents can save lots of money throughout the growing years of infant / baby.

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